As the summer season brings its vibrant warmth to New York City, the city transforms into a lively playground. There are many wonderful New York places to visit in the summer, such as Central Park, Bryant Park, and Grand Central.

But how about a unique experience? A place where you can feel free and inspired, mesmerized by panoramic views of New York City, while enjoying a bite and a drink. SUMMIT offers exactly that. Overlook all of New York City, gaze over Bryant Park, see Central Park from above, and walk through Grand Central — all while surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows and glistening mirrors perfect for photos.

Soak up the sun, grab a bite to eat at our café on the 93rd floor, step out onto our terrace, and enjoy a drink while taking in the fresh air. Summer is a time for us all to unwind and relax from our daily routines, and SUMMIT is the perfect place to do just that. Bring your friends and family and create NYC summer memories you will cherish for a lifetime.