Want to See NYC Differently? Follow This SUMMIT Guest’s Lead.

Can a visit to a thoughtfully designed attraction transform the way you think about a city? Yes, according to Evan Dodd, a recent SUMMIT One Vanderbilt guest.

As a first-time visitor to New York City, Evan wasn’t used to the skyscrapers and bustling ambiance. But after taking in the mesmerizing view from SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, he gained a new perspective of New York: “[SUMMIT] truly altered the way I thought about NYC. When you see the city from SUMMIT, it has a powerful energy that is hard to describe.”

There are multiple reasons for this. The first is the way SUMMIT’s spaces have been arranged and maintained. They’re not just meant to show you the surrounding cityscape and picturesque horizon. The difference between SUMMIT and other observation decks is that our spaces are meant to become part of your overall feeling and memory of NYC. As you stand in “Air,” the mind-bending, multistory art installation designed by Kenzo Digital, you’re introduced to a novel adventure that’s not available at any other observatory point in the city.

Inside SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, you can interact with art installations by Kenzo Digital and Yayoi Kusama, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the most unique New York experiences. The powerful pull of both the sprawling city below and the playful artwork inside is refreshing and original.

Whether you live in Manhattan or you’ve only seen it in movies, nothing can prepare you for the in-person experience at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt.

Enjoy Many ‘Firsts’ During Your SUMMIT One Vanderbilt Experience

Our recent guest may have been new to New York, but it doesn’t matter if you’ve visited NYC once or (practically) one million times. You can still indulge in many “firsts,” courtesy of SUMMIT One Vanderbilt.

What are some of the new things you can expect when you take the ride up 1,100 feet into the clouds?

  • Soothing and surreal sounds. One thing our visitor noticed about SUMMIT was the constant sound of wind flowing around the building. In reality, this was one of a few immersive soundscape audio designs that accompany the art installations by Kenzo Digital.

  • Visual interest. It’s hard to describe how the mirrored and reflective surfaces play off each other inside SUMMIT. Perhaps Evan captured it best when he said it made him feel as though he were “looking through different realities.”

  • Installations designed for play, pictures, and contemplation. From reflective orbs to gleaming clear windows, you aren’t just meant to look at SUMMIT. You’re encouraged to become part of it. As Evan explained, “Every level of SUMMIT has been built to test your sense of reality and masterfully makes you think, feel, and move in a positive direction.”

An Unparalleled Way to Get a New Look at New York City

If you’ve been thinking about visiting New York City, now is the time to purchase tickets to SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. When you do, you’ll be glad you made the decision. Just ask Evan, who concluded his review by noting: “The SUMMIT experience lets you connect to NYC and its energy from a totally new level.”

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