SUMMIT One Vanderbilt: A Reflection of New York City

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SUMMIT One Vanderbilt isn’t just the first “observation deck” in the heart of East Side Manhattan. It’s an immersive, interactive love letter to New York City.

Designed for reflection, contemplation, and awe-inspiring moments, SUMMIT transcends visitors’ expectations at every turn. From multi-sensory and shape-shifting art installations to a boundless view of iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building, Central Park, and the Hudson River, SUMMIT raises the bar on what it means to become one with a space — and one with a city.

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is unique, as it’s reflections of New York City. There may be iterations of SUMMIT in different countries and cities, but there will never be the same SUMMIT anywhere in the world. Just like they say: You can take a human being out of NYC, but you cannot take NYC out of a human being.

Just ask artist and Brooklynite Kenzo Digital.

A Breath of Fresh “Air”

Kenzo Digital was asked to create a one-of-a-kind experience at SUMMIT that would embrace the inspiration and innovation associated with the thriving NYC art scene. The result, Air, makes a powerful ecological statement by harnessing the sun and city’s ambient light. Overflowing with precisely placed mirrors, the Air exhibit gives visitors a meditative, contemplative place to escape into a different world and see the city in a new way. 

It pulls from NYC’s inherent energy and excitement, fostering an ever-evolving experience engineered to leave lasting impressions. Reflected in the mirrored surfaces is much more than mere skyscrapers, clouds, and windows. Set against a soundscape inspired by the city’s hustle and bustle, Air is a celebration of diversity and imagination — quite appropriate for one of the world’s most popular urban playgrounds.

A Standout Among Unique New York City Experiences

Air is just one of the reasons SUMMIT is rapidly becoming a must-visit art destination attraction for both New Yorkers and visitors. It’s not just another “observation deck” — it’s the chance to stand on top of the world in a brand-new skyscraper that towers over Grand Central Station. In the early part of the day, SUMMIT glistens with promise, hope, and positivity. In the evening, the art seems to come alive as it reflects stunning sunsets and the glittering NYC skyline.


Whether it’s your first time in NYC or you’ve lived here for years, you’ll find SUMMIT to be unmatched among other attractions. The building alone showcases the ambition and grandeur synonymous with the city.

The Latest Skyscraper to Redefine Midtown

You can find SUMMIT at the crossroads of business, culture, and entertainment in Midtown Manhattan. Its prime location near Grand Central Terminal makes it easily accessible to anyone traveling through this global financial center. As you enter SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, you’ll see how the building provides a key, state-of-the-art commercial space, attracting prominent companies and serving as a hub for business activities. This presence of thriving commerce mirrors the economic vitality and entrepreneurial leanings that define the city.


SUMMIT isn’t just about commercial trade, though. Its inclusion of public spaces fuels community engagement as well. The towering skyscraper houses a transit hall that connects the building with Grand Central Terminal, facilitating pedestrian flow and enhancing connectivity. These public areas provide a gathering space for locals and tourists alike, representing the inclusivity and dynamic nature of New York City.

At every turn, you’ll see how both One Vanderbilt and SUMMIT blend sustainable design elements and green technologies. An example is the building’s LEED Platinum certification, setting the tone for sustainable construction practices and energy efficiency in urban environments.

A Vibrant Symbol of the Defining NYC Ethos

It’s time to say goodbye to old concepts of what it means to observe a city and say hello to an experiential journey like no other. There is a beautiful visual when you stand in the gigantic glass and mirror chamber of Transcendence I and II. You not only see reflections of the panoramic city skyline — you become a part of it yourself. You become part of the complete picture of NYC.

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt embodies the heart of New York City through its iconic presence, central location, economic significance, public spaces, commitment to sustainability, and celebration of the city’s cultural fabric. It stands as a testament to the city’s vitality, ambition, and ability to adapt to the ever-changing global landscape.

Don’t believe us? Read the reviews for yourself to discover why SUMMIT is a must-do in New York. SUMMIT is one of the most popular and beloved art installations in NYC. Buy a ticket for a solo trip to this ethereal playscape in the clouds or plan an escape with the people you love. You can’t help but leave SUMMIT renewed, recharged, and rewarded.