What's It Like Working in Manhattan at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt?

The goal at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt isn’t just to deliver a great Guest Experience. It’s to deliver one that’s so unparalleled that it aims to transform the landscape of service-based industries across New York City.

Admittedly, that’s a tall order, but our team members work in one of the tallest Manhattan skyscrapers, so we’re not afraid to reach new heights. Each day, we’re guided by the desire to make sure that our first-class operation runs smoothly. Every time the elevator door opens, we want Guests to feel a sense of belonging, wonder, and amazement.

How exactly do we make this happen? Our strategy is to offer memorable hospitality by taking several key steps:

1. We Focus on Being Both Proactive and Reactive.

The Guest Experience needs to be a give-and-take interaction. This is why we position ourselves as experts. No matter what questions our Guests have, we know (or can find) the answer.

Our confidence in the ability to provide exceptional hospitality within the Guest Experience comes from extensive training. The moment we hire a Guest Service Ambassador at SUMMIT, they immediately enter into a formal two-week training process, which is conducted by seasoned Leads who can equip them with operational knowledge.

After the two-week initial training, new Guest Service Ambassadors engage in mentorship programs with our Guest Experience Managers to elevate their overall performance and their ability to help Guests create incredible memories.

2. We Treat Each Other With Respect.

As anyone coming to SUMMIT can see, the SUMMIT environment is both well-built and upheld. These attributes extend beyond the reflective surfaces and art installations to the fabric of our internal culture. At SUMMIT, the team community is just as safeguarded and precious as the spaces we maintain.

Josh, one of our team members, has felt our commitment to each other firsthand. As he recently explained while being interviewed for a local nonprofit agency, “After working a few different part-time positions … I had the confidence to apply for a position as a Guest Service Ambassador at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt … I’m proud to say that I got the job, and I’m about to celebrate two years in November. It’s amazing. I get to meet people from all around the world, and I put my heart and soul into it … I’ve made friends at work, and they appreciate me for exactly who I am, so it’s a perfect fit.”

3. We Start Every Day With a Plan.

In the world of Guest Experience and hospitality, every day brings new ideas, challenges, and possibilities. To be sure we’re ready to tackle anything that comes our way, we begin all shifts with an operational planning meeting. During this brief (but essential) time, we connect, set the day’s mood, and lay out a plan.

Our plan includes the rotations that our Guest Service Ambassadors will make as they move from post to post. To give a little background, each shift consists of 37 Ambassadors who rotate once per hour through our four floors. If the schedule doesn’t move efficiently, everything will grind to a halt.

Our Leads, whose role is to provide support and training for Guest Service Ambassadors, direct and supervise the movement while ensuring Ambassadors get periodic breaks. By planning, we provide the stability our Ambassadors need as well as an environment that impresses all Guests. After all, if we cannot take care of our Ambassadors, we cannot take care of our Guests.

  1. We Stay on Top of Maintenance, Inspections, and Safety.

As each shift rolls along, we make continuous inspections to make certain the spaces are show-ready. To keep the momentum, we assign rigorous checklists. Each floor has a variety of tasks (e.g., setting up stanchions for lines, ensuring all materials needed are supplied, etc.). The checklists prompt ownership of each responsibility.

What happens if an Ambassador has a question along the way? Team members who have achieved Lead status are available to offer intermediary direction. They’re a fabulous link to management, and they can move information through all our team levels.

5. We Make Use of Technology.

When you visit SUMMIT for the first time, you’ll notice that we’ve integrated many technological advancements into the Guest Experience. However, our future-forward digital nature doesn’t end with displays or equipment. Team members also leverage technology for other purposes, too.

For instance, we use a sophisticated customer relationship management platform to stay in touch with guests. Through the CRM, we can gather feedback, encourage communication, and resolve questions in a personalized way. It’s a practical, efficient means of keeping the connection strong between us and those we serve, transcending from halfhearted customer service to a meaningful Guest Experience.

Will you notice all these skyscraper behind-the-scenes movements and insider secrets as you travel throughout SUMMIT? Maybe not, but you’ll certainly notice the results! Schedule your visit today to see what we’re talking about for yourself.