As a New York City landmark and must-see immersive space, we see all kinds of guests from all over the world. We love when visitors come and showcase their art or passion, particularly when dancers share photos of their arabesque on top of Manhattan.


Celebrate National Dance Day with with your own dance routine at SUMMIT! Step into the rhythm of the nation’s most exhilarating day dedicated to the joy of dance. National Dance Day isn’t just a date on the calendar—it’s a movement, a rhythm that unites us all. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a dance enthusiast, or someone who simply enjoys a two-step in the living room, this day is for you! Join us in celebrating the beauty, passion, and health benefits of dance. Explore our specially curated workshops, breathtaking performances, and exclusive offers tailored just for this event. Dive into the world of dance and let your spirit soar!


Inaugurated in 2010, this day was established by the Dizzy Feet Foundation, co-founded by renowned choreographers and producers in the United States. Its core mission was to promote dance education and awareness, emphasizing its role as a universal language and its immense contribution to personal well-being. From humble beginnings, National Dance Day has blossomed into a global sensation, celebrating the power of dance to bridge cultures, inspire creativity, and enhance physical health. As we embrace the moves and melodies, we’re also honoring a rich legacy that invites everyone to find their rhythm and join the dance.


If you can’t visit on the holiday itself, snap a picture of your favorite dance pose somewhere in our space and use the hashtag #SUMMITDancers for the chance to be reposted on our page! Follow us on social at @summitov to find out what our big surprise will be.

Make sure to bring your sunglasses. The reflective materials used throughout the space create a bright environment during the day.

Wear comfortable shoes. Stiletto heels, steel toe boots, sports cleats, and other footwear that can damage flooring are not permitted.

Please dress appropriately to avoid unwanted exposure on glass and mirrored floors. We recommend wearing pants, shorts, or tights when possible.

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is following all mandated protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Proof of vaccination is required for entry.