Congratulations, NYC Marathon runners! You’ve conquered the city streets, pushed your limits, and achieved an incredible feat in crossing the finish line.


SUMMIT honors the rich history of The New York City Marathon and celebrates those who have taken part in the 53rd Annual race through all five boroughs. The marathon’s significance to New York lies in its deep-rooted tradition and cultural importance. It symbolizes resilience, unity, and the city’s indomitable spirit, especially in the face of adversity, making it a cherished event that brings together both runners and spectators to celebrate the city’s diverse and vibrant community.


After soaking up the satisfaction and adrenaline that comes from your achievement, we encourage you to share it with those around you. SUMMIT strives to provide a space for celebration, and we want to be a part of the well-deserved recognition for the marathon participants.


Commemorate this victory with friends and family at SUMMIT! Show off your medal across reflections within our unique spaces, thriving for moments like these. You conquered the streets of New York, now you can take on the skies at SUMMIT!