A Multigenerational Experience: Why SUMMIT Is One of the Best Things to Do in NYC With Your Family

where to find best thing to do in nyc with family?

At SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, a world of reflection gives way to boundless space before taking you through a journey of colors, forms, and shapes that defy the boundaries of perception. The various components and installations that come together make the experience one of the most thrilling and intriguing family destinations in New York, regardless of your age.

A large part of the multigenerational appeal comes from the interactive and immersive nature of the environments within the space. A combination of cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design has resulted in a multitude of experiences that captivate guests of every background. Because each room offers its own unique focus and atmosphere, everyone can come together to learn and connect through a variety of thematic experiences, making it a premier choice for family activities in NYC.

Affinity alone puts SUMMIT on the list of things to do in NYC with families. Filled with inflatable silver balloons, the space brings a sense of whimsical fun and wonder to the entire visit. “Reflect,” Yayoi Kusama’s floor-length sculpture that resembles large pools of silver liquid splattered across the floor, will attract younger guests with its fun shapes and adults with its contemplative design.

In an effort to create a positive and respectful environment for all, every aspect of the SUMMIT experience prioritizes inclusivity and diversity, and all guests are received with welcome and appreciation.

Building a New York City Attraction for Families

Kenzo Digital envisioned SUMMIT as a New York City attraction for families. The NYC-based artist wanted to create a space where families could come together and share in the magic of immersion, imagination, storytelling, and joy. The essence of family fun in NYC is truly captured in this unique space.


For adults, SUMMIT often evokes a sense of nostalgia, reminding them of their childhoods and the relationship they have with the city and the world around them. The whole experience offers a chance to escape the stresses of everyday life and experience a world of art and wonder. In the end, this family outing in NYC is an opportunity to play!


For younger generations, SUMMIT offers a mix of features with varying levels of intensity and complexity. While there are thrilling elements that cater to teenagers and adults, such as Ascent and Levitation, the space offers multisensory rooms and experiences that are also suitable for young children. This diversity of offerings ensures that every age group can find something enjoyable and entertaining during visits, making SUMMIT one of the best things to do with kids in NYC. Families spend quality time together and create lasting memories for everyone involved.


In fact, many guests who visited SUMMIT individually or with friends are now returning with their own families. This continuity highlights the art installation’s intergenerational appeal and serves as a testament to the meticulous attention to detail in the experience. The stunning architecture, mind-bending art elements, and immersive theming and craftsmanship of each room appeal to older visitors, who can appreciate the artistry and effort put into creating a seamless and enchanting environment.

Experiencing SUMMIT As a Family

While the space itself is an important element of SUMMIT, it’s what the experience offers that truly makes the art installation a family destination in New York. The NYC immersive art experiences involve interactive installations and visually stimulating environments that allow families to engage with the works in ways that spark creativity and imagination. The light, sound, touch, and sometimes even scent of each space within SUMMIT promotes a multisensory engagement that makes for a memorable and enjoyable family outing in NYC.

What’s more, interacting with art can encourage discussions. Families can exchange their interpretations and feelings about the artworks, fostering communication and self-expression — all while spending time together and snapping a few pictures in the process. Virtually every spot at SUMMIT provides great New York photo ops. Teens and young adults, in particular, will find many “Insta-moments” throughout the experience.

Ultimately, young children, teenagers, parents, and grandparents can all find something captivating, thrilling, or intriguing within SUMMIT. You may even find yourself becoming a lifelong art enthusiast after your visit! So much the better. By participating in immersive art experiences like SUMMIT, you allow artists to continue creating works that people from all walks of life and ages can enjoy for years to come.