Attractions Near Grand Central Station: SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

It’s hard to imagine a place that more vibrantly illustrates the hustle and bustle of urban living than Midtown Manhattan. However, getting your bearings can be difficult when you first step out of Grand Central Station in NYC. One way to bring Manhattan and the rest of the city into perspective is to see it from the clouds at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt.

SUMMIT tops the list of all the things to do near Grand Central Station in NYC if you want to get intimately acquainted with the Big Apple. Because of its positioning in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, high atop one of the newest and tallest skyscrapers, SUMMIT promises unparalleled sweeping views of NYC and the skyline beyond. This unique vantage point allows you to see historic landmarks, including iconic modern wonders like the Empire State Building, and natural features like Central Park.

Whether you step into one of Levitation’s glass sky boxes to examine the architectural details of other structures or the city’s famous gridded streets, you’ll find it easy to appreciate New York’s heritage. Alternatively, you can relax at the on-site cafe and take in the horizon, enjoying the blend of innovation that defines the city.

Maximizing Your SUMMIT Moments

Visiting SUMMIT is an excellent opportunity to connect with New York and its countless marvels and characteristics. Since knowing where to begin when you first enter SUMMIT’s engaging spaces can be overwhelming, keep these four helpful hints in mind. They’ll help you gain a better understanding of “the city that never sleeps.”

Spend time exploring SUMMIT’s multi-sensory experiences.

SUMMIT is your opportunity to escape from the everyday hubbub. Why rush it? Allow yourself to become immersed in experiences like the art installation Air by Kenzo Digital. Through the innovative use of mirrors, light, and sound, AIR creates an environment where the boundaries between you and the city around you blur. This experience encourages reflection and can heighten your awareness of the city’s dynamism and ceaseless development.

The Air experience includes several unique features that you can’t find anywhere else:

  Rise: An elevator ride that elevates not just your altitude but also your perspective.

  Hall of Light: Welcomes you as you arrive on the 91st floor, enveloping you in brilliance.

  Transcendence: A multi-floor space of mirrors that expands your perception.

 Affinity: A balloon room that playfully distorts your sense of space.

  Unity: Integrates you into the space using art and technology, merging your presence with the pulse of the city.


SUMMIT sits at one of the highest vantage points in Midtown Manhattan. From your eagle-eye perch, look below and beyond. In the vastness, you’ll start to recognize the city’s architectural diversity. You’ll also be able to pick out familiar markers. For example, you can gain unprecedented visual access to the intricate details of the Chrysler Building and see far out into outer boroughs or even catch the ferries chugging along the East River. It’s a chance to see what’s practically invisible from the ground.

Celebrate nature and its changeability.

New York can seem industrial and rigid at first glance. On the contrary, it has an energetic, organic side that is noticeable only from a vantage point like SUMMIT. For instance, the sunrise and sunset views of nearby Midtown East NYC buildings, bridges, and waterways can be stunning. Not only do they surprise you with a breathtaking spectacle, but they add a serene backdrop to Manhattan’s rapid pace. Similarly, you’ll see seasonal changes from above. When viewed from 1,100+ feet, the shimmering, icy Winter Village in Bryant Park creates a whimsical mood. It’s just as magical as what you might experience while walking down Fifth Avenue on a snowy afternoon.

Prepare to be an informed explorer.

After coming to SUMMIT, you’ll be ready — and excited — to indulge in NYC’s sights and sounds. You’ll have a stronger understanding of how vast the city is, how much it has to offer, and how you can truly become a part of the city that never sleeps. And perhaps best of all, you won’t have to go far to continue your deep dive into what makes NYC a truly unforgettable city. SUMMIT is accessible not just to Grand Central Station but to other prime attractions and sights, including The New York Public Library, Bryant Park, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and more.

Of all the souvenirs you bring home from your time in Midtown Manhattan, the most enduring will always be the appreciation you gain for the city. And it all begins when you visit SUMMIT. Book your tickets today to kickstart the experience of a lifetime.