Culture and Nordic Style Mingle Above Manhattan at Après

Minimalist aesthetic, maximum delight.

That’s the promise of Après, the skyscraper café high atop Manhattan and one of the most unique NYC dining experiences at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt.

An Unforgettable Nordic Café Experience:

Designed by award-winning architectural agency Snøhetta to echo chic Nordic architectural and cultural traditions, Après imbues the Danish concept of “hygge” into its spaces. Though hygge has no direct translation in the English language, it’s best described as an overall sense of warmth, comfort, and coziness brought about by natural surroundings. At Après, the hygge café comes to life via Snøhetta’s use of rich wood furnishings, exposed steel beams, neutral palettes, and soaring floor-to-ceiling windows.

Visitors eager to indulge in a robust cup of coffee (or craft cocktail, courtesy of Union Square Events) or taste an item from the Nordic-style café’s menu can do so in a convivial space with unmatched views. Weather permitting, they can also step out onto the terrace to complement their meals with food from seasonal carts and drinks from the outdoor bar. Both areas exude style and exhilaration.

A Chic Space for Good Food and Conversation

What’s it like to snuggle in a tucked-away corner of Après for a lunchtime conversation with a friend? Or attend a special nighttime event, like the popular Espresso Martini Fest, a must-attend tribute to one of the world’s most beloved cocktails? For many guests, NYC experiential dining is hard to describe. Thanks to Snøhetta’s vision, Après feels simultaneously cozy and vast.

If you’re yearning to try one of the best cafés in NYC with a view, Après deserves a visit. You’ll be greeted with the opportunity to take a true bird’s-eye look at what makes NYC such a vibrant, engaging metropolis. As an added benefit, you’ll have the opportunity to gaze at some of the must-see Manhattan attractions,  like the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and Central Park, with your beverage of choice in hand.

After soaking in the scenery, feel free to lose yourself in a book or strike up a conversation with a fellow SUMMIT traveler.

Studied Sustainability at 1,100 Feet:

It would be impossible to discuss Après without mentioning its sustainability and its adoption of multiple Earth-friendly practices. These include the use of energy-efficient lighting and recyclable and reusable serving items, which reduce the skyscraper café’s environmental footprint and perfectly illustrate how simplicity and sophistication can go hand in hand.

There’s something special about the way Après offers up sustainability. Most guests would have no idea that the functional elements and clean lines of the restaurant are also based in nature-inspired, eco-friendly design that reflects the latest in architectural and structural environmentalism.

A Treasure in NYC

Whether you’re in the mood for sipping a mug of coffee in one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan or you just want to find a different place to escape from the buzz and hum of NYC, Après has what you need.

You’re welcome at Après morning or evening, winter or summer. Just as the skyscraper café itself honors and recognizes the Nordic sensibility of hygge, you’ll be honored as a guest no matter when you visit. And as you take in everything that this café offers, you might just forget that you’re in one of the international capitals of the world — at least while you absorb the serenity of this aesthetically stimulating and visually stunning metropolitan retreat.

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