How to Take Your Corporate Team Building to New Heights at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

It’s hard to understate the individual and corporate benefits of team bonding. When employees feel more connected to each other and their employers, they are more likely to “plant roots” and have more positive interactions with customers and clients. Still, it can be tough to foster team bonds within a familiar office setting. That’s why many businesses in and around Manhattan invest in off-site corporate team-building activities in NYC.

In this context, people can step outside their comfort zones, change power dynamics, fuel exciting conversations, and prompt story-swapping. When employees return to their typical workflows, they’re refreshed and more able to contribute. Plus, they may be more open to collaborating with colleagues they didn’t know before.

After undergoing corporate team-building events in NYC, they might feel more comfortable making deeper connections with one another. This is a massive advantage because it breaks down silos and improves feelings of trust, belonging, community, and healthy interdependence. It also allows everyone to relax, which can help prevent or even eliminate symptoms of burnout.

Companies focused on scalability and succession planning also use team building for another purpose. During team-building events, untapped leadership qualities often emerge among attendees — and not always those in managerial or director roles. Team outings frequently highlight raw talents in employees, making them an excellent way to spot strengths that deserve a second look.

Our NYC corporate outings are a strategic tool that can contribute to a company’s long-term success by improving employee engagement, respect, retention, morale, and peer-to-peer learning. Of course, before a business embarks on a team-building adventure, it’s important to determine where the company outing will be held.

Finding Inspirational Places for Corporate Team Outing Experiences

If you’ve been tasked with picking a place to conduct team-building activities in NYC, you might want to select one that breaks the mold. This is where SUMMIT can help. Located in midtown Manhattan at the very top of One Vanderbilt, SUMMIT offers breathtaking views in an inspirational, totally unique space.

Filled with reflective surfaces, the settings at SUMMIT make for a novel venue for teams looking to create bonding experiences. Situated at one of the highest vantage points in midtown Manhattan, it’s well-suited to help team-building attendees think more broadly and creatively.

In this space, they’re far from the confines of a traditional office or work-from-home setting. Instead, attendees are surrounded by art installations, stunning views, and an ambiance that encourages collaboration and wonder. Even introverts can feel more empowered to speak their minds in reflective places like Transcendence I and II, two separate floors made entirely out of mirrors.

The SUMMIT experience helps visitors take a psychological break from their tasks and routines. Instead of fixating on deadlines, they can concentrate on taking photos to upload to their personal (and corporate) social media pages.

Steps to Take Your Team Away From the Daily Grind

If you want to use SUMMIT’s magnificent setting to boost trust, communication, and cooperation across your business or department, follow these tips to get the most out of your team building experience in New York.

Plan ahead.

Unless you have a small team that can take off immediately, it’s a good idea to plan this NYC corporate event in advance. Fortunately, you can buy tickets online, and SUMMIT’s groups department can help set up visits for parties of 15 or more. Experiencing SUMMIT in the daytime is exciting because you can feel the hustle and bustle of the city and see the sunlight reflecting off the buildings. Plus, you can mix things up if you’d rather do a nighttime team-building journey. SUMMIT is spectacular during and after sundown. As the horizon fades, the lights of the city and the stars in the sky take over. Mixed with the immersive artwork and soundscapes, it’s a second-to-none opportunity for fun corporate event in NYC.

Decide on an agenda.

To make the most of your SUMMIT NYC corporate outing, it’s important to create an agenda. The expansiveness of the spaces at SUMMIT is conducive to brainstorming sessions, strategy meetings, and casual discussions requiring a broader perspective. At the same time, the space is equally beneficial for activities like group photos or team challenges. There’s also Après, a chic, on-site eatery and bar where everyone can decompress and mingle after their team-building experience.

Treat SUMMIT company outings as competitive advantages.

After your first SUMMIT team-building event in NYC, you’ll probably want to set up more! If this is the case, consider using biannual or annual SUMMIT company outings as part of your competitive advantage to recruit and retain top talent. By letting candidates and workers know that you believe in their right to a refreshing, energizing break from the norm, you’ll position your business as one that cares about its people.

Ready to give your employees a break? Trust SUMMIT to provide the extraordinary setting, interactive features, and flexibility you need to foster closer colleague relationships, break down communication barriers, and rejuvenate your team members’ spirits.