The Art of Giving Back: How SUMMIT Created a Space With Giving in Mind

Philanthropy has always been an integral part of the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt mission. Because the founders of SUMMIT recognize the importance of businesses giving back to their communities and positively adding to New York City, SUMMIT has allocated a portion of its resources and efforts toward charitable endeavors since its inception.


The importance of philanthropy drives the overall strategy and decision-making processes at SUMMIT every day. By actively seeking out partnerships and collaborations with philanthropic groups, nonprofit organizations, and community stakeholders, SUMMIT strives to maximize its impact and help address societal challenges.


To highlight how SUMMIT accomplishes this, it’s helpful to first understand what philanthropy is and how it’s practiced.

Philanthropy and the Art of Giving Back

Essentially, philanthropy is the donation of time, money, or some other resource by an individual or a group for the improvement of society. In the U.S., this form of charity has been found to increase social mobility, strengthen democracy, and build communities — all facets of American life that have recently been in need of reinvigoration.

You don’t have to do much searching to find a way to practice philanthropy. While people often give back to their communities by donating money to charities and volunteering at local food pantries or nonprofit organizations, there are many other ways to make philanthropic contributions. One increasingly common way is to patronize businesses that advance humanitarian goals, such as SUMMIT.

SUMMIT and Philanthropy in NYC

SUMMIT’s wholehearted belief in the importance of businesses giving back to the community allows it to provide New Yorkers and tourists alike with an incredible NYC experience while simultaneously changing the world for the better. Part of each ticket sale price — 1% of gross ticket sales — goes to the SUMMIT Foundation, which works with New York City charities and organizations to benefit the community.

SUMMIT supports various local causes, including education, environmental conservation, and poverty alleviation. For example, SUMMIT helps combat food security with Food1st, a nonprofit with the mission of mitigating the ongoing food shortage in New York City that has served hundreds of thousands of meals throughout the city. SUMMIT also works with organizations supporting people with autism, and its spaces are intentionally as accessible and inclusive as possible. As part of SUMMIT’s ongoing philanthropic business program, active and retired armed forces members are also offered free admission throughout the year.

Additionally, SUMMIT provides work opportunities for talented young people from across the city. Every summer, SUMMIT collaborates with the mayor of NYC to accept interns from underserved communities. Through its participation in NYC’s Summer Youth Employment and Ladders for Leaders programs, SUMMIT expands these opportunities with paid internships for outstanding local students. To enhance the six-week internship experience, SUMMIT works with Dress for Success, New Frontiers, the Dorsey & Whitney Exchange, and the NYPD.

Because the philanthropic business efforts made by SUMMIT make a tangible impact, you can take pride in knowing your visit indirectly supports valuable projects. This means you can share in the commitment to giving back.

Why Philanthropy Is Part of the SUMMIT Experience

SUMMIT understands that philanthropy fosters community building and collaboration. When you enter SUMMIT, you sense the broader community of individuals and organizations working to make the world a better place.

Your visit contributes to philanthropic efforts that make a difference in people’s lives. This adds an additional layer of purpose and meaning to the experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in mind-bending, totally unique art — while experiencing the joy of giving back.

By acting on its principles, SUMMIT sets an example for responsible citizenship and inspires other businesses to make a positive difference in New York City and beyond.