Rain or Shine: Making the Most of Springtime in NYC at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

New York City bursts into life in springtime. From the gorgeous blossoms on tree-lined streets throughout the city to highly anticipated Broadway show openings, springtime is a spectacular time to visit NYC. Yet, if you’re planning a trip to New York in the spring, you might find it challenging to find things to do that pique everyone’s interest. One way to make your job as breezy as the seasonal winds is to headline your NYC spring activities with a visit to SUMMIT One Vanderbilt.

Located near Grand Central Station, SUMMIT offers a range of immersive and interactive experiences appropriate for all ages, abilities, and preferences. Plus, as a unique way to kick off New York City spring break 2024, SUMMIT is offering an exclusive spring break bundle. The offer includes a special, limited-time rate for groups of four to 10 participants, making it the ideal way to save a little while getting to experience all the sensory delights SUMMIT promises.

Launching Your NYC Springtime Adventure at SUMMIT

You may have never been to SUMMIT before, or perhaps you’re a regular to its breathtaking views, engaging art installations, and signature cocktails and refreshments high atop the city. Either way, you — and your friends and family — will find SUMMIT an excellent starting point for your upcoming springtime excursion to NYC.

What can you expect from SUMMIT, an ideal place to visit in New York in Spring? For one, you can depend upon lasting memories, one-of-a-kind photo opportunities, and stories you’ll talk about for years. More than a landmark in Midtown Manhattan, it’s designed to be a unique experience that combines the richness of NYC’s culture, creativity, and innovation. SUMMIT’s groundbreaking mix of arts, views, and architecture is the perfect backdrop for springtime memories and the best way to experience NYC’s unique style.

Perhaps the most stunning and obvious draw of visiting New York City during the spring is enjoying SUMMIT’s extensive bird’s-eye view of Manhattan and its iconic skyline. You can capture a 360-degree panoramic look at the natural and manmade wonders that solidified NYC as a city of dreams. The view is just as enchanting at night, with a dazzling array of city lights twinkling, dancing, and glowing beneath your gaze.

However, SUMMIT is more than just a location to see outward. Inside, SUMMIT’s multi-level interior includes thoughtful design and vast expanses of mirrored exhibits. These unique architectural features provide unparalleled picture opportunities for springtime travelers and a mesmerizing connection with the spaces throughout the three floors.

In terms of what types of SUMMIT spaces you’ll encounter, you can expect the unexpected. There are numerous spaces where guests can leave their mark digitally while enjoying thrilling heights and areas for reflection and meditation. AIR by Kenzo Digital, an interactive art installation that spans the SUMMIT experience, is especially memorable. AIR merges art, technology, and architecture in a way that challenges the standard perceptions of reality, time, and space. Many people have described AIR as a profound and even “otherworldly” environment. For those in your group who enjoy genuinely unforgettable experiences, AIR is a breath of fresh — well, air.

Of course, if you have thrill-seekers in your group, you must take advantage of Levitation. Levitation consists of glass sky boxes that extend beyond the building, allowing visitors to stand confidently over Madison Avenue over one thousand feet in the air. Unique? Sure. Heart racing? Absolutely.

After your multisensory experience, you can kick back day or night at the on-site café and bar, Après. Cap off your springtime excursion with artisanal bites and inventive beverages — all enjoyed amid the spectacular backdrop of the changing seasons in NYC.

Tips for Making the Most of New York City During Spring 2024

Planning is essential if you’re coming to SUMMIT and NYC this spring for an outing with your friends or family. While prepping for your springtime NYC trip, keep these tips and insights in mind.

1. Book your tickets in advance.

The SUMMIT spring break bundle won’t last forever. It’s an exclusive opportunity, so be sure to buy your tickets as soon as you know you’re coming to Manhattan. Booking your tickets in advance ensures you secure your preferred entry time and avoid the disappointment of sold-out slots.

2. Consider coming to SUMMIT at night.

Timing your visit to SUMMIT to coincide with the sunset allows you to watch as the city transitions to evening. The changing building lights alone make it worth scheduling your SUMMIT trip for later in the day. Ideally, you’ll want to walk out of the elevators at SUMMIT about an hour before the sun dips into the west and the skyline turns to gold.

3. Dress comfortably and seasonally.

Remember that springtime in NYC can produce all kinds of weather. Although SUMMIT is mostly indoors, there is a terrace that exposes you to some outside elements. Therefore, remind everyone accompanying you to dress in layers and wear casual footwear. That way, you can explore SUMMIT and the rest of New York City in complete comfort.

Like the idea of visiting New York City during spring this year? Experience the unexpected — and save money on sightseeing — by purchasing tickets from SUMMIT’s spring break bundle online.