‘The Best View in NYC’ — Seeing the City in a New Way

Thanks to the rise in affordable technology and real-time shareability fostered by social media, we’ve become a society of budding photographers. Outfitted with cellphones, tablets, retro Polaroid cameras, and a plethora of other devices, we’re constantly on the lookout for subjects to capture. Of course, one of the most (maybe the most) iconic subjects is New York City.

With its breathtaking architecture and frenetic buzz, NYC speaks to the photographer in all of us. SUMMIT One Vanderbilt offers an unparalleled New York skyline viewpoint for inspired, compelling imagery across the greater landscape, from midtown Manhattan to the surrounding boroughs and beyond.

More than a traditional “observation deck,” SUMMIT provides a remarkable bird’s-eye perspective of one of the greatest cities in the world. For Tom Ford, the superstar fashion designer and filmmaker, the window views are unsurpassed.

On one of his visits, Ford noted that SUMMIT had one of the best views in NYC of the Chrysler Building that he had ever seen. Ford’s hardly alone in his praise — influencers, creators, and everyday people constantly upload pictures taken from the SUMMIT heights, making the newest way to see the Big Apple one of the most Instagrammable places in NYC.

A New Way to See, Explore, and Admire NYC

Whether you’re a visitor to NYC or a lifetime resident, you’ll be riveted by the sights from SUMMIT. The positioning of SUMMIT within the greater NYC ecosystem and landscape is the secret to the space’s unique frame of reference. SUMMIT isn’t just nestled near famous skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center; it towers over other landmarks, providing sweeping panoramas and the best views in NYC from above.

For budding and professional photographers eager to memorialize a structure or a moment, being introduced to new angles and altitudes offers a welcome opportunity to explore NYC through a magnificent lens. Many SUMMIT guests, for example, jump at the chance to snap photos of Central Park from the tallest commercial skyscraper in midtown Manhattan. How could you more simply and clearly show Central Park’s position as a massive green paradise in the midst of a concrete jungle? The contrast of the lush park with its curving, organic setting against the angular buildings and gridded cityscape is truly striking.

Another favorite pictorial subject among early-bird and nighttime SUMMIT visitors is the interplay of the sun against the eastern and western horizons. Sunsets over the Hudson River are known for their spectacular bursts of color. Sunrises along Queens and Long Island are just as colorful and striking. And after the sun has set completely, NYC comes alive, bursting with neon lights, electrification, and movement.

The SUMMIT Draw for New Yorkers

While SUMMIT has become a must-visit for tourists, New Yorkers flock to SUMMIT with their cameras, too. What drives them is the opportunity to observe the gems that their hometown hides from them during their regular travels throughout the city’s streets.

Many locals who come to SUMMIT comment on how much pride the view instills, especially when witnessing the NYC skyline view. It’s easy to forget how vast and awe-inspiring the surrounding urban landscape is. Even Central Park seems much more captivating, romantic, and attractively unfamiliar when seen from more than 1,400 feet in the air.

The Hudson River and East River views frequently surprise locals at SUMMIT, who don’t often get to see how the waterways wind through and around their favorite haunts, framing the city with their curves. It’s hard to outshine their natural beauty and importance to NYC’s past, present, and future.

Ultimately, SUMMIT gives New Yorkers the chance to gain a deeper appreciation of their city and neighborhoods. The connection locals forge with NYC through the rediscovery of their surroundings can’t be found anywhere other than through the elevated, 360-degree Manhattan skyline view from SUMMIT.

Unleash Your Inner Photographer at SUMMIT

Whether you’re coming to NYC for the first time or you’ve made your home in a brownstone or high-rise, now is the right time to add SUMMIT to your bucket list of places to experience. To help you hold onto the memory, consider taking a wide range of photographs. These might include:

  Panoramic Cityscapes: Panoramic shots enable you to showcase NYC’s impressive verticality, architectural wonders, and bustling streets as they stretch toward the horizon
  Landmark Shots: From SUMMIT, you have views of plenty of well-known NYC hallmarks like Rockefeller Center, Central Park, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, and even Times Square.
  Street Scenes: Yellow taxis. Pedestrians. Traffic. These everyday sights become far more compelling when caught by camera from a top-down perspective.
  Sunrises, Sunsets, and Nightlife: The NYC skyline at sunset is hard to describe with words alone. Early morning and nighttime photography sessions allow you to pinpoint exactly how the city lights up when darkness falls.
  Weather and Aerial Perspectives: From the tip of One Vanderbilt, you can take a picture of a foggy morning or snow-covered street in a way that evokes the mood and atmosphere. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for street art and rooftop gardens that are impossible to see from the street.
The views from SUMMIT will transform the way you see NYC — and leave you with lasting memories in the form of the pictures you take.